Although it's finally launched, the last week for the project was pretty messy. Here's a rundown of what happened.

Challenges with back-end functionality

First of all I encountered back-end challenges. The main one was the functionality for the search bar:

Search bar UI

The idea was to make it super easy for users to share music. They'd just search for the name of a song (or paste a link). I believe this is an important part of the UX—it needs to be seamless.

Well, the problem is you need a database to search. The only decent APIs I found are Spotify and's.

Spotify's requires the user to be logged in with their Spotify account, which would restrict it to users who have Spotify. As for, their API is really shitty; for instance searching for a song usually returns dozens of duplicates.

I ran out of time so I instead opted for users to paste a YouTube link to a song. It's not very good but it'd work for the MVP.

Moving to Slack

At this point I realised the first version was going to be a turd. It was missing most of the functionality; I thought it sucked and wouldn't properly validate the idea.

Instead I decided to make a Slack workspace:

Slack UI

The idea is there's channels for different genres and topics. People paste a SoundCloud, YouTube, or Spotify link in the appropriate channel to share music.

Slack natively has support for threads, notifications, and more, so it's a pretty decent platform to build upon. You can also build your own bot to add custom functionality, too.

If it worked I'd also build a website alongside it with functionality such as the ability to subscribe to users/channels and build a music feed and user profiles. And if that worked then I'd end up building a custom platform to replace Slack.

The UI also closely resembles what I initially visualised Vibite as, whereas what I was building was way off. So I actually don't mind using this instead.

There's also the potential to monetise it by requiring users to pay to use it. Services such as LaunchPass make this super easy to implement, which is what I'm using except I've set it to be free for now.


For now I've launched on Product Hunt which barely made a hit. I've also invited friends and I'm trying to get it going.

To promote it I plan on sharing it on Reddit, YouTube music videos, and wherever else. I think at least a few dozen active users would be a decent indication of its potential. I'll see where it goes from there.

Arising doubts

I'm honestly not sure if this will even work.

It's something I've already invested a ton of time in. I've thought about it so much and it's something I'm very passionate about, but at the same time my confidence in the project is swaying; it's hard to determine if it's viable without giving it a real shot.

If this were to work it's going to take a ton of time and effort to get things going, but with that comes the fear of doing that and failing. Not because I failed, but because of the time wasted I could've spent on something legit.

So as it stands I'm not sure where this is going. I plan to try out the Slack community, but I also have several ideas for similar products I could try and build.

Either way I don't mind. I'm just going to keep grinding until I find something that works—my career depends on making a profitable business.