This is the first dev blog for my progress on Vibite. I have 29 days left to build the MVP.

Well, I actually started working on it last night, but only for a few hours.

Since it's a MVP I'm only building something super basic. The initial version will probably only have a few features, likely several bugs, and shitty compared to what it could be.

But it doesn't matter. One of the most important things when building any product is to test it in the marketplace by building something that fulfills the bare minimum of your product's features, hence 'minimum viable product'. And if it succeeds then you continue improving it.

Not only that, I really need to just finish this. Once it's out there I'll definitely be way more motivated to continue working on it than if I spend ages perfecting it in the dark like I have so far.

Joining the community

Before starting the project I decided the join the awesome community at It's a community for makers where people work together, give feedback, and keep each other accountable.

I'm not sure why I only just joined, it's really good and I've known about it for a while. I definitely feel significantly more motivated being a part of it.

You can either keep up-to-date with the progress of Vibite on this blog or the product page on

What I've done so far

The first thing I'm getting out of the way is the UI. It's the core of the app and therefore the most important. Here's what I've done so far:

  • Quickly designed some rough mock-ups (1 hour)
  • Setting up the project to begin coding (1.25 hours)
  • Building a very basic static UI for the views (~7 hours)
  • Writing this blog post (~1 hour)

What I've built will inevitably change a ton. It barely contains any details and the design will need to be improved, but it's a starting point to begin working on the rest of functionality and fine-tune the design.

Here's the mock-ups I sketched.

And here's the progress on the UI.

Product roadmap for the MVP

Besides what I've just shown, my current plan for the MVP functionality is as follows:

  • Views
    • Music radar (music feed)
    • Inbox (notifications)
    • Profile (basic info, user activity)
    • Trending (latest best music/threads)
    • Thread (for when threads get too long)
    • Album (basic details, list of threads)
    • Artist (basic details, list of threads)
    • Song (basic details, list of threads)
    • Search (basic search functionality)
    • Home page (basic rundown of how it works)
    • Terms of service / privacy policy (using some templates)
  • Functionality
    • Login/sign-up (email-only, no social logins)
    • Share music (via Spotify API)
    • Pause/play music (no media controls)
    • Respond to or like comments
    • Infinite scrolling
    • Subscribe to users
    • User reputation
    • Edit profile details
    • Search (for users, songs, artists, or albums)

Some of those may not end up making it to the MVP, and I may end up adding some more, too.