Science agrees. Our greatest limitations are often our beliefs—talent is no exception. People are generally far more capable than they realise.

Unfortunately most people aren't aware of the evidence. You'll sabotage your ambitions until you understand talent is nonsense.

This goes against the grain of what we've been led to believe, therefore you likely have many objections against it. If so, go and read Talent is Overrated by Geoff Colvin.

I'd be surprised if it didn't address all of them. It's concise, entertaining, packed with scientific rigor, and covers everything—far more than I could fit in this post.

But as a quick overview, talent is unsubstantiated bullshit. Literally every single person who has achieved anything extraordinary in every domain—people we claim are talented—did so due to thousands of hours of deliberate practice.

That's essentially what it comes down to, but note the keyword here is deliberate. Ordinary practice doesn't suffice and the book explains why in detail.

Other assumed prerequisites to exceptional skill, such as intelligence, are also exceptionally less important than most believe.

This is good news. It means you can achieve extraordinary things if you want to. Sure, it takes a ton of time and effort, but it's within your reach.

No matter how grand your ambitions are, understanding talent's irrelevance will enable greater success because you're removing a false limitation.

You'll inevitably hold yourself back from making the most of life until you change your view, so you better make sure you do.