Most information in the world is misinformation. If you don't question everything you'll take the wrong direction.

Don't let other people think for you. The odds are they're not even thinking for themselves, they're blindly following what everyone else is doing.

It's crazy to be honest. Think of how many beliefs, ideas, and opinions today are bullshit. This is especially true for most of the information on the internet. It's easy to be fooled if you're not discerning.

People are usually open-minded for a few things that suit them, but closed-minded towards anything that conflicts with their worldview. But if you want to go places in life, you have to question everything—especially the beliefs you hold dear.

You should be able to willingly throw away your beliefs for your religious/spiritual preferences, dietary choices, political views, and everything else. If there was a button that'd prove everything you believe to be false, you should want to press it.

The most successful people ask good questions. The greatest scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and artists thought for themselves. They could see through the bullshit and had a vision for a better world. Their success came from their ability to think outside the box.

It might sound cliché, but you really have to think differently to do well in life. Look at the results most people are getting. They're shit. And it's because they don't think for themselves. If they did, they'd be making different decisions and therefore achieve great results.