For anyone who's interested, here's a tour of my workstation, OS, dev environment, what I'm using, and why.

I initially built my PC back in late-2013 for gaming, and have made several upgrades to my setup since. Although it's fast and gets the job done, I'm interested in upgrading to a MacBook Pro in the future as my primary machine.



My keyboard, the Ducky Mini YOTH (with Cherry MX Blues) is my favourite part of the setup.

The thing is solid aluminimum and has the best build quality I've seen in a keyboard. It weighs 1.1kg, and the metal backplate sounds significantly better than plastic. Oh, and the lighting is awesome.

It's a 60% keyboard, meaning I barely have to move my wrists when I type. All the function keys (arrow keys, audio controls, Home, PgDn etc) are activated using a trigger key. I can type super fast on this thing (~120 WMP), and it feels and sounds super cool doing it.

Audio gear

My monitors are KRK ROKIT 5 G3s, which are plugged into a Scarlett 2i2 sound card. They sound phenomenally crystal clear, but I still need to invest in acoustic foam and speaker stands.

My headphones are the AKG K553 Pro Studio Headphones. The sound quality is superb for the price, but they're not very durable and the cable can't be replaced. My last pair broke due to the cable being severed.

Clipped onto my headphones is a ModMic 5. When I'm not using them they usually sit on the Luxa2 E-One headset stand.

I highly recommend anyone who listens to a decent amount of music to invest in decent audio gear. It literally sounds at least 3-4 times better.


I'm running two Acer G276HL 27" monitors on the Brateck LDT02 Free Standing Dual Monitor Stand. Using two monitors is a really nice addition to my work-flow. They're average quality and 1080p, so I'd like to upgrade to something really nice in the future.


My mouse is the Corsair M65 FPS Gaming Mouse. It's a comfortable, decent-looking mouse with solid build quality, but I'd prefer something wireless.

PC specs


My current card is the MSI Radeon R9 280X. I bought it when I first built my PC.

Despite it not being a real high-end card at the time of the purchase, it's held out well and plays many games very well on high graphics settings. I'd like to upgrade sometime soon, but haven't bothered yet since I don't play many games anymore.


I'm running the Intel Core i5 4670K. Again, I haven't changed my CPU since building it, since the one I have is fine.

On top of it sits the Corsair H80i CPU cooler. I don't actually need a water cooler, but I bought one back in the day anyway.


My box is a Fractal Design Define R4 (Titanium). It's simple, silent, with a clean Scandinavian design. The build quality isn't great, though, and it's significantly larger than I need.


My main drives are two 128GB Kingston SSDs. One is for Windows, and the other for Linux, so my boot times and general performance is super snappy. Alongside this I have a 1TB WD Black HDD for storing large amounts of data, like games.


I'm running the ASUS Z87M-PLUS. Nothing special here—just an ordinary board.


I downloaded 4x4GB of Corsair Vengeance RAM. Sixteen gigabytes is a decent amount, but I usually have a fair amount of software running. I've found my OS to be very unstable with 8GB too, so I upgraded it.


Well, hopefully that was interesting. If there's something I've missed or you have a question, let me know 🙂