Have you ever seen the movie "Limitless" with Bradley Cooper?

If you haven't, it's about a pill that unlocks 100% of your brain's power (this is scientifically accurate, but it's besides the point). You become insanely intelligent and know how to achieve anything. You essentially become limitless.

The idea you can achieve anything you want in life by becoming the best version of yourself is incredibly appealing to me. And I think it's more than a fantasy. After a ton of researching, thinking, and experience, I'm convinced the limitless state is a real thing.

Flow state

You've probably experienced the flow state at least a few times before. It's essentially where time melts away, you're absorbed in the present moment, you're incredibly creative, insanely focused, and you're 10 times more productive than usual.

Flow is a known and proven phenomenon. It's where the best ideas and inventions are made.

This is something I've personally experienced several times, such as when I was working on Vibite.

A few times a week I'd get baked and enter flow state. I'd have these incredible ideas and had a super clear vision for what I needed to build. It was as if my inspiration were the blueprints for the project being handed to me.

A few times I managed to sustain this state of inspiration whilst sober for 1-2 days after the experience. I was insanely productive, worked for the entire day in bliss, and achieved literally at least five times more than usual.

Limitless state

I'm convinced the flow state is merely a component of the limitless state.

Many of the best CEOs, artists, scientists, all mention the existence of intuition, which is one of them. This includes Einstein, Tesla, Steve Jobs, and Richard Branson to name a few.

I also think you experience incredible synchronicities that make it seem as if the universe has your back. It's as if you have all the power you need to execute even the boldest of ideas. You can basically do almost anything.

And I also think you become the best version of yourself. It's as if you've become a vessel for your higher self to express itself. Your limiting beliefs and old self fall apart.


If you've ever psychedelics such as LSD or shrooms, you know how incredible it is. Or even marijuana (which is technically a psychedelic) can have significant effects, as I described.

It's literally the most incredible thing I've ever experienced. It's like the red pill from The Matrix. For most people it completely changes their perspective on life. It certainly did for me.

During a few of my trips I've experienced the limitless state. You feel invincible. I had epiphanies such as realising I'm the creator of my reality, and that I have the power to do anything I want. These are things I'd heard people say before, but it was incredibly profound experiencing it first-hand.

It's no surprise many of the greatest people on Earth have used them. Steve Jobs named it as one of the most pivotal experiences in his life. And it's not just him. Tim Ferriss has used them himself and has claimed that every billionaire he knows uses them on a regular basis.

Some might argue what you experience are merely hallucinations; it's nothing more than chemical reactions in your brain. But here's the kicker: your entire life is technically a hallucination. Reality is merely a commonly agreed upon hallucination.

I'm convinced these drugs do a lot more than improve general cognitive performance. They lift the veil and tap you into extrasensory powers we all have.


I think you can achieve this state without external stimuli, such as drugs. I believe it's an innate ability we all have, but few realise. Those who do achieve incredible things.

For the past few months I've been looking into this a ton. I've seen remarkable evidence for things such as psychic abilities, such as from Russell Targ. It validates many of the crazy experiences I've had in my life and made me more open to the idea.

Maybe I'm completely delusional and this is a load of shit. But even if it is, simply believing and acting as if you can achieve anything will make you incredibly successful anyway.