Intuition is extremely important. It expands your potential beyond what pure rationale can achieve.

This is something I've recently rediscovered. In the past I used to heavily rely upon my intuition, but I recently dismissed it as unsubstantiated taboo. From further analysis, however, I realised intuition is still very important and is actually legit.

It's very plausible that it could merely be a very effective subconscious method of pattern recognition—something that 'nudges' you in the right direction. I haven't researched this much, but it may not even be anything taboo.

Either way, there's tons of anecdotes where people have found it to be super accurate. In my own experience I've found it to be mostly very accurate, especially when analysing people. Even people like Steve Jobs believe it's incredibly important and that you should listen to it. That's enough evidence for me to trust it.