The better person you are, the more you're able to get out of life. Therefore the most important thing is to constantly focus on improving yourself.

If you're honestly evaluating and pushing yourself to become a better person on a consistent basis, you'll inevitably achieve your goals. You'll experience the things you want to experience, make the impact you want to have, and achieve the things you value.

Even if it takes a long time, if you're doing this on a daily basis your life will improve dramatically over time.

We all struggle and have our weak moments—I've certainly had my fair share of them. But what really matters is whether you're pushing yourself as much as possible to become better. Even if your effort is minuscule, it adds up over time and builds momentum.

This doesn't mean you need to be extremely self-critical to the point where you dislike yourself, or aren't able to enjoy the moment. That's unhealthy and counterproductive. It just means you need to focus on growth whilst simultaneously accepting yourself and where you're at.

So to conclude, literally all you need to do is:

  1. Honestly evaluate yourself and identify where you need to improve
  2. Push yourself to take the required action
  3. Repeat

You'll certainly end up living life to the fullest if you do this.