Deciding between multiple good things can be difficult. It's something I've been challenged by recently but now have a clear sense of.

Encountering options

For many years now I've basically been dead set on becoming an entrepreneur. During my journey, however, I've fallen in love with software development.

This has created the desire for me to work as a developer at a decent company, or solo as a freelancer. Both have pros and cons and are things I can probably see myself doing for a few years.

The thing is, though, what I want more than anything is to be an entrepreneur. It's what will enable me to experience and do the things I value most in life. Anything less than that won't genuinely satisfy my ambitions.

Making the right choice

This decision is something I've been stuck on for about a year now. My ambitions have swayed from committing to entrepreneurship 100%, or becoming a freelancer/employee for a few years and building side-projects on the side.

There's pros and cons to each choice, but I'm fairly dead set on committing completely to entrepreneurship.

The first reason is that I currently have the privilege of living with my parents, meaning my expenses are low and I can focus completely on entrepreneurship with a part-time job on the side.

The second is that entrepreneurship is fucking hard. It takes a ton of work. Managing that on top of a full-time job or whilst freelancing (which is just as much work) is not only difficult, it also means my focus would be diluted. That's bad because the greater your focus/dedication, the higher your chance of success.

I have my doubts, though. Success in business isn't guaranteed and it's really hard work. But it's what I want most in life so I don't see another option.

But the thing is there's already heaps of people doing what I want to do. They all had the same doubts as me and succeeded. So long as I work hard and stick to it I don't see why I can't too. It's not guaranteed of course and may take many years, but I'm willing to commit to it regardless.

It also aligns with my values. I don't believe in settling for less and honestly can't see myself happy with any other career—I know I wouldn't feel fulfilled. Many of the things I want to do and experience, including the lifestyle I want are dependent on this. So anything less just isn't good enough.

When you're dead set on doing something is when you commit 100%, meaning you work the hardest and therefore have the highest chance of success. And that's the kind of attitude I need to maintain.

And in the worst case that I fail, it doesn't even matter. As a software developer / entrepreneur every project I build advances my skill-set and goes on my portfolio. Even now with my current skill-level I'm confident I could land a very decent job, so that doesn't concern me.

Conclusion / TL;DR

To figure out the right choice for your career path:

  1. Identify your ambitions and what will make you feel most fulfilled
  2. Identify the lifestyle you want
  3. Use this criteria to weigh up your potential career choices and choose what you genuinely want the most
  4. Create a plan for how you will achieve it
  5. Commit to it 100% and don't settle for less (unless you're genuinely content with less, which is okay too, it just depends on your ambitions)