There were times in school where I'd ask tons of questions. This made some people think I was stupid... Until I aced the test. Then they told me they were surprised I was smart.

The only reason they were surprised is because they don't understand a crucial principle: asking dumb questions is a prerequisite to learning anything. And anyone who thinks you're stupid for applying such a fundamental learning principle is stupid—not you.

Learning something new is no different to being a child. As a novice you need to ask tons of dumb questions to learn. Yet many people are afraid to ask dumb questions because they're concerned they'll look stupid in front of their peers.

When really, the stupidest thing you can do is not ask dumb questions. The only reason smart people are intelligent is because they asked tons of dumb questions.

And not only that, you'll learn the fastest by asking the most questions. You'll probably even end up ahead of the know-it-alls who claimed you were an idiot.