One morning in late December, 2015, I suddenly had an insanely strong desire to go to Canada. Although Canada was somewhere I'd been obsessed with for several years, I'd never made plans to go there. This calling came out of nowhere.

The sensation was ridiculously intense. It felt surreal, as if I was being called to go there for some higher purpose. My intuition was literally screaming at. I had no idea why I was supposed to go there, I just knew I had to.

During work that day, this voice in my head wouldn't stop nailing my mind. It was all I could think about. It was so strong I went home that night and tried booking the tickets ASAP, willing to quit my job on the spot.

I managed to book a flight from Adelaide to Sydney, but the bank blocked my payment for the ticket from Sydney to Vancouver. I stayed up until 5-6am trying to get it to go through, but my bank was closed so I had to wait until after work the next day.

During the following day, even though I had 2 hours sleep or less, this feeling was still hammering me all day. When I got home I tried booking the tickets, but the feeling started to fade and doubt began to creep in. I didn't have the balls to go through with it.

So instead, I applied for a work/travel visa to Canada, which was accepted in March. I ended up going there in September.

It was an incredible trip. I absolutely loved it there. It felt so surreal and out-of-reach because it was somewhere I'd dreamed of escaping to throughout high school.

But I didn't act on the inspiration straight away. I delayed my decision, and to this day I still don't know why I was supposed to go to Canada. Perhaps it's because I didn't act instantly, so I missed out on whatever opportunity I had.

I wish I'd listened to my intuition in the moment. Even if it was a ridiculous decision and I quitted my job for nothing, it would've been an awesome adventure. That's worth a lot more than playing it safe and I know I'd have no regrets doing it.

And not only that, I also think it's good practice to be able to muster the courage to make such ballsy decisions. Your balls need to be big enough to take whatever action is required to realise your dreams. Therefore even if it turned out bad, the act of making such a decision itself would've been priceless experience.

So yeah, listen to your intuition. Even if what it's telling you to do seems crazy, you should do it. Don't repeat my mistake.