Hey there, I'm Daniel Spajic.

I'm a self-taught full-stack developer, maker, and freelancer.

Born in Australia, ever since I was a child I've been obsessed with building things. Today coding satiates my desire to work with complex, dynamic, and mechanical systems with real-world implications.

My journey as a developer began over 3 years ago after I quit school in year 11 to pursue my own path. Traditional education wasn't for me.

From there I worked on my first business: an online video game store. Web development was something I learned to build my idea.

Like most first businesses, it failed, but I learned a ton in the process. My skill-set was decent enough to land myself a full-time job as a developer at the age of 17.

Since then I've worked on several more side-projects with varied success, began freelancing, and solo-travelled across Canada for 7 months. My passion for the art of software development has also evolved tremendously.

This is an honest blog. I won't just be sharing my successes, but also my challenges, learning experiences, and more. In an age where society is mostly fabricated, I intend to provide some real value with a genuine recount of my journey.

And that's why I'll be sharing everything I do: everything I work on, everything I learn, and anything else I believe provides value or is worth writing about. You'll witness all my successes, failures, and everything else that goes with it.

The result is a blog that's a real, entertaining, and in-depth insight into the world of software development and entrepreneurship. It's the story of some guy who chose to walk his own path, taught himself how to code, and wherever that leads him.

My hope is to inspire others and give back to the world. This is something I wish I'd started from the beginning. Besides privacy, there's little value in locking away what you know when it can help others. I sure know I would've benefited from this when I started.

My tech stack

Although I'm more interested in building things than tools, I love and respect the art of software development. Building well-designed systems with beautiful code is something I find incredibly satisfying and strive to do.

Some tools I love the most include Python, Django, ReactJS, and Docker. I also typically work with PostgreSQL, Nginx, Linux, Bootstrap, Sass, Redux, Webpack, and Babel.

Industry-standard tools and practices are something I'm familiar with. This includes Git, code linting, and OOP. I've also recently adopted test-driven development.

I also have significant experience with PHP and jQuery. There's several other things I've dabbled in, too.

Some more things about me

Besides what I've revealed above, I have quite a few other passions. Here's a list of a few of them so you can get to know me a bit better:

  • Music is my drug of choice. I'm rarely not listening to it and I'm always searching for more. Perhaps it's an addiction. You can follow me on Spotify if you want to.
  • I'm always lost in thought. My brain doesn't seem to rest; I'm always thinking about things. I even have a playlist for pondering the universe.
  • I'm somewhat obsessed with health and nutrition. It's a passion and habit I've adopted for many years now. I wish it were mainstream.
  • Cooking delicious food is one of my rituals. Because food is awesome. I eat a whole foods plant based diet, so every ingredient is healthy and the meals are really good. You'd be impressed.
  • Reading is a habit I enjoy. I usually do it every day to ensure I'm always learning. Mostly non-fiction, but good fiction is great too. You can check out my bookshelf on Goodreads if you're interested.
  • I'm a vegan. Yep, I had to put this here just to play on the stereotype 🙃 I'm yet to die of protein deficiency.